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David Kaboro

Law 1: Never Outshine the Master - Keys to Power
Robert Greene
Album The 48 Laws of Power

This Law involves two rules that you must realize. First, you can inadvertently outshine a master simply bu being yourself. There are masters who are more insecure than others, monstrously insecure; you may naturally outshine them by your charm and grace.

No one had more natural talents than Astorre Manfredi, prince of Faenza. The most handsome of all the young princes of Italy, he captivated his subjects with his generosity and open spirit.

In the year 1500, Cesare Borgia laid siege to Faenza. When the city surrendered, the citizens expected the worst from the cruel Borgia, who, however, decided to spare the town: he simply occupied its fortress, executed non of its citizens, and allowed Prince Manfredi, eighteen at the time, to remain with his court, in complete freedom.

A few weeks later though, soldiers hauled Astorre Manfredi away to a Roman prison. A year after that, his body was fished out of the River Tiber, a stone tied around his neck. Borgia justified the horrible deed with some sort of trumped up charge of treason and conspiracy, but the real problem was that he was notoriously vain and insecure. The young man was outshining him without even trying. Given Manfredi's natural talents, the prince's mere presence made Borgia seem less attractive and charismatic. The lesson is simple: if you cannot help being charming and superior, you mucst learn to avoid such monsters of vanity. Either that, or find a way to mute your good qualities when in the company of Cesare Bogia.
Mar 4, 2017
Alice Khumalo
Yes, never outshine the master, until you are ready to go.
Mar 6, 2017 ·
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