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Kelvin Kariuki
Reasons Why Some People Are Rich and Some
Tags: destiny, opportunities, poor, rich, skills
Categories: Financial Intelligence
Often times we think some people are created
rich while others poor. How wrong! Why then are
some people rich and others wealthy? God did
not choose some people to be wealthy and others
to be in need. Neither destiny nor luck have
anything to do with it. Some people are rich
because they do things in a certain way that those
who seem to be poor dont. The rich work smart,
make the right choices, see opportunities and
maximize them, while the poor do not.
Here are some pointers to further buttress my
1. The poor eat their seed, whereas rich people
sow or invest their seed. The rich understands
the act of multiplication and compound interest.
Compound interest is mans greatest invention as
quoted by Albert Einstein.
2. Poverty is lack of savings and investments,
whereas the rich understand and practice saving
and investment.
3. The poor want to live like the rich, so they
spend their money on luxuries. The rich,
however, never spend; they multiply their money
by investing in assets then live off the overflow.
4. The rich know how to identify opportunities by
taking well calculated risk but the poor do not see
opportunities. Rather, they Pass Over
Opportunities Repeatedly.
5. The rich have the can do mindset, but the
poor rely on miracle and luck (Lazy hands make
a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth
Prov 10:4 NIV). This can also be attributed to lazy
6. Poverty is not a state of purse or pocket, but a
state of mind. The difference between the poor
and the rich is intelligence.
7. The poor lacks management skills (time,
finance, people etc) whereas the rich know how to
manage and maximize resources.
8. Poverty comes by inability, lack of self-
discipline and unwillingness to confront
hardship. The poor are afraid of failure, but the
rich take risks and ask Why not?
I believe if you diligently follow the success
formula which does not require you to reinvent
the wheel, rather do what other successful people
did, you will get the result other successful
people got.
May 4, 2017
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